Suzanne Keohane honoring her father, Hank


Classmates –

Suzanne Keohane, Hank’s daughter, is certainly an inspiration in her own right (what a marvelous achievement – successfully completing the Boston Marathon while raising $51,000 for the Alzheimer Association of MA/NH), following, admirably, in the inspirational footsteps of her father!

Check out her wonderful note to me and my wife, Jean … and the great photo saluting the Harvard Class of 1960!

- Henry


Dear Henry and Jean,

Thank you again for your donation in support of my Boston Marathon run on April 18 in memory of my dad, Hank Keohane. And, thank you for sharing my endeavor with your and my dad’s Harvard Class of 1960 classmates. A number of classmates donated and shared with me their memories of their time with my dad. Reading all of the touching notes meant a great deal to me, to my mom, and to my siblings.

The final donations were recorded last week. Together, we raised $51,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association of MA/NH in my dad’s name. I am unbelievably proud of this accomplishment and I am most grateful to you and to your Harvard Class of 1960 classmates for helping make this possible. This money is truly impactful to the research being funded by the Alzheimer’s Association. THANK YOU!

Attached is a picture of my mom, Pat, my siblings, Michael, Michaela, and Liz, and me taken from the Mile 12 marker in Wellesley. It was an incredible day and I completed the marathon with a smile on my face and a full heart.

I am sending personal notes to those classmates who donated, but certainly feel free to share this note and/or results and picture with the class. Thank you for honoring your classmate and friend, Hank, in this way and for making this experience a special one for me and for the Keohane family.

All my best,

Suzanne Keohane