Planning will begin in August 2024:
Please let me ( know if you are interested in being involved in the planning!

In times like the recent pandemic period – nee, at ANY TIME, we are fortunate to have our Harvard memories, friendships, and connections.






Philip Lovejoy, former Harvard Associate Vice President and Executive Director of the Harvard Alumni Association, expressed a view I (Henry Marcy) share: "Canceling the spring, 2020 Reunions was heartbreaking, and I know there is no true replacement for seeing your classmates in person."

Yes, our 60th reunion was cancelled. Yes, Harvard has also indicated that the reunions originally scheduled for May, 2020 will not be held.

However, the Harvard Alumni association (the HAA) has actively worked on special programming to be held during the Commencement period.

The Crimson Society (the Harvard and Radcliffe Classes of 1960 are represented on the Crimson Society Committee by Ron Goodman, Joan O’Connor and Bill Markus) planned excellent programming for the Commencement period in 2021 and excellent programs the day prior to alumni day in both 2022 and 2023. The high standard set at these times is expected to be exceeded for future commencement periods.

My own view of the first “Crimson Society Reunion”, shared with Philip and the Crimson Society Committee chairs was expressed thusly: “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to interact with classmates (May 27, 2021) and housemates (June 4). I and the others who participated had some good discussions and lots of fun reminiscing during both events. Another highlight for me was ‘Inside the Harvard Art Museums: Talk and Tour’ with Martha Tedeschi and Alexis Boo. (The link to the talk and tour is: The overview was quite informative and the Student Guide tour was fabulous. I also found Professor Sandel and his students to be extraordinary. I had taken the Professor’s “Justice” course and recently read his ‘The Tyranny of Merit’ and am so impressed by him … and by his students who did not necessarily support him on every point. The link to this session is:

Essentially, the Crimson Society events, open to all who have experienced their 50th Reunion, is intended for those who are not that year experiencing their quinquennial reunion! So, we now have 2026 to look forward to … and, of course, OUR 65TH REUNION IN 2025!


RUPERT HITZOG, almost fourteen years ago, made five videos of our 50th. According to Rupert, they are still there for viewing on You Tube. Please take a look if you want to remind yourself of our wonderful classmates, some alive and some passed on.

Rupert: “They [the videos] are nostalgic and remind me of the friends, the fun, and things that I learned during my four years.


Here is Wednesday:
The other days have their own address which comes by searching “Harvard Class of 60 Reunion” on You Tube.




Note: This Tour Guide was prepared for our 60th Reunion, unfortunately now cancelled. You may be able to use this Tour Guide if you visit Harvard at any time in the next few years. Please understand, of course, that details (days and times, access restrictions, etc.) may have changed.

In addition to what is included here, our 60th Reunion Planning Committee had been working on potential arranged tours of the renovated houses, the Allston Project, the athletic facilities, and the Innovation Labs.


If you haven’t been back to Campus or Harvard Yard in recent years, there are quite a few new developments that are interesting to visit, as well as some old favorites within a relatively short walk. Museum visits are free with your Reunion badge. There are also several newly re-configured areas to ‘hang out’, meet friends, have coffee, or get something to eat.

The Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center
1350 Massachusetts Ave
Check website for the hours
Originally known as the Holyoke Center, this building was renamed in 2013 and underwent extensive renovation to create gathering, lounge and study spaces as well as space for exhibitions, events, and performances. Reopened in 2018 it has a coffee bar, ‘food court’, and ‘The Heights’ restaurant on the top floor with a view of the campus and Charles River. The lounge areas on the first 2 floors are open to the public. Your Reunion ID will provide you with full access to the building.

The Harvard Art Museums
32 Quincy St
Open Daily 10:00am-5:00pm
After renovations, the collections of the Sackler, Busch-Reisinger and Fogg Museums were combined into what is now known as the Harvard Art Museums. Designed by Renzo Piano, the new museum was opened in 2015, just in time for our 55th reunion. A coffee shop on the 1st floor has café tables in the atrium and there are lockers to store personal belongings. There are wonderful collections of art on display, including the current exhibit of Edo Japanese Art.

The Godfrey Lowell Cabot Science Library
1 Oxford Street
Check website for the hours
This ‘library for the new millennium’ was significantly reconfigured in 2016-2017 with many open spaces for work and relaxation and a branch of vegan restaurant, Clover Food Lab & Coffee Bar. In the same building, at the Putnam & Special Exhibition Galleries (Rooms 136 & 251) is the Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments.

Cooper Gallery of African and African American Art
102 Mount Auburn St.
Monday-Friday 11:00am-6:00pm
Opened in the fall of 2014, the Ethelbert Cooper Gallery features contemporary and historical exhibitions and installations of African and African American art organized by the gallery and will often feature guest curators, faculty, artists, students, and distinguished visiting scholars. It hosts a wide range of dynamic workshops, artist talks, symposia, lectures and performances that engage audiences with diverse art archives and cultural traditions from all over the world. Work by visual activist Zanele Muholi (South African) will be featured at the end of May.

The Harvard Semitic Museum
6 Divinity Avenue
This museum has self-guided tours available at any time. Founded in 1889, the Harvard Semitic Museum houses more than 40,000 Near Eastern artifacts, mostly from museum-sponsored excavations in Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Tunisia. The museum uses these collections to investigate and teach Near Eastern archaeology, history, and culture.

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
24 Quincy St
Open Tuesday-Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm
Designed in 1963 by the Swiss-born architect Le Corbusier, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts is the center for contemporary art and artists at Harvard University. It houses Harvard’s Department of Art, Film and Visual Studies, and features art galleries and a bookshop. Through exhibitions, new commissions, public events, publications, and residencies, Carpenter Center is dedicated to artist-centered programming and building a vibrant community around contemporary art. This community is defined by an ethos of experimentation, diverse perspectives, and making connections across disciplines and fields.

Lammot du Pont Copeland Gallery, Pusey Library at Harvard Archives
Open Daily 9:00am-6:00pm
In Harvard Yard near Lamont, Widener, and Houghton Libraries
The Harvard University Archives collects, preserves, and makes available for research the documentary evidence chronicling Harvard’s long history. Generations of historians have investigated Harvard’s history, and their observations and arguments help us understand how the institution has changed over time, from its beginnings as a small college in a far-flung English colony, to its present status as a global leader in education and innovation. However, these histories inevitably (and necessarily) leave out the stories of thousands of individuals who have played an important role in making Harvard what it has been, is, and will become. Yet, the exhibit, “Harvard Lives”, open until May 2021, showcases items from the collections of the Harvard University Archives that represent aspects of the lives of some of those individuals who have shaped Harvard, and, in turn, been shaped by it. Shown here are some of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors whose lives add dimension and depth to stories already told about Harvard and those yet to be told. These are only vignettes—brief glimpses into complicated lives. Each deserves further investigation, and we encourage you to visit the Archives, dig deeper, and add to the story. Like Harvard itself, this exhibit is dynamic—new faces will be added, and new stories will be explored periodically. Class materials (e.g. Secretary’s records, Treasurer’s reports, Reunion Planning Committee minutes, etc. are, or may be included in the Archives.

Museum of Natural History
26 Oxford Street
Open Daily 9:00am-5:00pm This museum features many interesting exhibits of the natural world, and a special exhibit on the extraordinary collection, thoroughly renovated in 2016, of Glass Flowers will be open at the time of Reunion.

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
11 Divinity Avenue
Open Daily 9:00am-5:00pm
The Peabody is well known for its significant collections of archaeological and ethnographic materials from around the world, many of which were acquired during the era of European and American expansion, exploration, and colonization. Exhibits in this museum include Native American Totem Poles.

House Zero
20 Sumner Road (just off Kirkland Street, across from Kirkland Place, near Memorial Hall)
The Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities (CGBC) has retrofitted its headquarters, a pre-1940s building, into an ambitious data-driven living-laboratory that will help us to understand buildings in new ways. A first-of-its kind test case, it also functions as a prototype for ultra-efficiency.

Digital Harvard
You can access the new Harvard App on the Internet to browse events, maps, shuttle routes and times, places of interest, and other services. You can also download the Harvard Mobile App to your iPhone, iPad or Android device to browse the same information.

A separate app can be used specifically to track the activity of the Harvard Shuttle Bus Routes.

The Crimson Key Society offers free campus tours for any visitor. Tours leave from the Harvard Events & Information Center at the Smith Campus Center in Harvard Square.

Self-guided audio tours of Harvard Yard are available for download as a series of tracks describing landmarks throughout Harvard Yard. Read by current Harvard students, they provide general information, a history of the university, and a unique view on the student's individual experience.

You can download a Tour Map and then the individual audio tour tracks (in m4a format.) *

*Some browsers may require you to right click and choose the "Save link as ..." option to download files. 



From Ron Goodman's Reunion Seminar

To the disappointed Harvard and Radcliffe classmates of 1960:

It’s been most rewarding to have so many of you responding with intentions of coming to Cambridge for our 60th reunion, and alas now saddened by these recent life turning events. I had prepared this material, Learning in Retirement, for a segment of the reunion, and I felt that I might just well pass it on since it is still relevant, and I trust, useful.

I’m not going into the individual details here, but if you follow the links provided you will be able to follow the opportunities to their sources. We are fortunate that in this digital age there are so many useful and enjoyable learning opportunities directed to retirees.

I start with Harvard's online and mobile offerings:

  • The major adult learning offerings are the result of the work of Bernard Osher: There are Osher offerings at most major universities and if you aren’t close enough to be there physically, many of them have online capabilities. The fees are most reasonable and are up to the individual university to set.

    Harvard, being Harvard, has it’s own offering: The Harvard Institute for Learning In Retirement, HILR: It is controlled by the Harvard Extension School and If you go online with them you will be most impressed by the range of offerings. Several of our classmates are members.

  • Go to the Harvard Extension School and you will get an idea of the enormous range of courses offered, many conducted by senior professors. You should also look into local university courses for retirees since many of them have either free or much reduced fees for people of our generation. I know that Boston University does not charge or has minimal fees, as does the Boston Campus of UMass. and Boston College.

  • HarvardX (just Google it) is a treasure trove of online offerings managed and created under the auspices of the University. Many are free or most reasonable for Harvard affiliates.

  • Avail yourself of the Harvard Mobile App for your smartphone. This contains information and access to most of the University, including news, courses, libraries, athletics, admissions, etc. It also contains real time information on the several shuttles that Harvard runs if you are in Cambridge.

    • It also brings you to the many Museums at Harvard for your perusal.

  • The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study is another treasure trove of academic and social offerings. The seminars and workshops are expertly and thoroughly presented. I’m not sure if they are going to stream previous seminars, but just looking at their present and previous offerings will amaze and delight.

Many of the following links are covered above, but there are several clearing houses that help to direct you to courses geared to retirement learning.

  • Osher has offerings at most universities and you can find them online. HILR is Harvard’s corresponding equivalent.

  • Adult education in some cities. The Cambridge Center for Adult Education is representative of national adult education sites:

  • Coursera,, collaborates with over 190 universities and companies. These courses are mostly aimed at professional and academic development, but you can often follow specific links to find offerings suited to your interests.

I trust that you will find this useful and help fulfill and expand your learning desires and leanings. If you come up with something that is not here and would appeal to our classmates, you can reach me at and I’ll get it posted on our class website.

Hopefully we will meet again face to face in the not very distant future. Stay healthy, stay stimulated.

Ron Goodman


The Harvard & Radcliffe Classes of 1960 Reunion Co-Chairs were Ken Marshall and Liia Vilms. Other members of the 60th Reunion Planning Committee were Bob Adams, Margaret Bancroft, Bart Dunbar, Heidi Fiske, Ron Goodman, Henry Marcy, Bill Markus, Betsy Peterson, Jane Simon, Ed Tarlov and Steve Weddle. Harvard Alumni Association staff are Liz Ballard and Liz Orenstein. In addition, Fred Ford, once again formed a Reunion Chorus to perform at our 60th Reunion Memorial Service.

Minutes of the Reunion Planning committee meetings are available here:

February 19, 2020 Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2020 Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2019 Meeting Minutes and Addenda

September 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2019 Meeting Minutes



   Click here for tentative schedule as of 3/11/2020   




The approved prices are as follows:

Registration fee per classmate (classmates only): $70. Registration will begin approximately March 20, 2020.

Per person Reunion Packages are as follows in this table: Note: there are five partial packages (for example, Tuesday daytime) in addition to the Full Reunion Package of $325.

Note: The so-called “Early Bird Prices” are in effect until 11:59PM on May 15, 2020.




You are encouraged to support our class with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE dues payment. The proceeds will support our future reunions and enable our less pecuniarily blessed classmates to attend our reunions. Checks should be made out to “Harvard Class of 1960” and sent to the Class Treasurer Lionel Spiro, 21 Old Pocha Rd.; Edgartown, MA 02539-4306. THANK YOU!



Click here for an overview of our 60th reunion expenses - approved on 2/19/2020


Classmates known to be planning to attend as of 03/01/2020

TOTAL 197 (GOAL = 195); HARVARD ’60 = 154 (GOAL = 154); RADCLIFFE ’60 = 43 (GOAL = 41)

Check out Rupert Hitzig's videos from our 50th Reunion.  How many classmates can you identify? Be sure the videos start at the beginning (rather than at a midpoint.


Robert Abbe
Bill Abbott
Bob Adams
Bruce Alberts
Phyllis Aldrich
Rosanna Alfaro
Dick Allison
William Allworth
Jerry Amero
Tom Bagnoli
Alex Bancroft
Margaret Bancroft
Dev Barker
John Bassett
Chris Bayley
Ed Baum
John Beauchamp
John Beebe ?
Dave Beizer
Sterling Bennett ?
Harris Berman
Merrill Berman
Tom Bertone ?
Martha Cohen Bial
Elaine Kotell Binder
Carol Boulukos
Roger Bove
Judith Yenkin Brachman
Miles Bradbury
Bob Bray
Cyrus Brown
Paul Brown ?
Stanley Brown
Paul Buttenweiser
David Call
Perry Caminis
Peter Chen
Richard Chute
Steve Cole
Jim Connor
Robert Cotton
Jim Crampton
Stephen Crespin
Al Cullen
Bill Cunningham
Ed Cutter
Paul D'Andrea
Ken Deitch
Susan Diamond
Jerry DiBona

Jim Dineen
Steve Doctoroff
Bret Donham
Henry Donovan
Burt Dudding
Bart Dunbar
Paul John Eakin
Mark Eisner
Larry Ekpebu
Pete Eliades ?
Remo Fabbri
Mary Jo Laflin Field
Angela Fischer
Robert M. Fisher
Heidi Fiske
Fred Ford
Alessandra Brewer Foster
Steve Garlick ?
John Garrison
Gay Gellhorn
Donald Gellert
Lou Geoffrion
Carol Gill
George Gingold
Barbara Weinberger Glueck
Charles Glueck
Ron Goodman
Alec Goriansky
Judy Gottlieb
David Greene
Kevin Grennan
Sheldon Greenfield
Dick Haddad
Sam Halaby
Robert Hallowell
Janet Tarachoe Handelman
Mary Hill Gilbert Harris
Ross Harris
Dave Hawkins
Joseph Hayes
Candace Held
Rupert Hitzig
Mel Hodder
Barbara Blanchard Hohenberg
Linc Hollister
Dorothy Elia Howells
Tony Hume ?
Michael Humphreys
Dale Jenkins
Philip Joslin

Ben Kaltreider
Davis Kennedy
 Paul Kirk
Phil Kistler ?
David Kopelman
Charles Ladoulis
Penny Demos Lawrence 
Bob Lawrence ?
Tim Leland
Joan Lenzner
Gary Levenson
Fred Leventhal
Patricia Gillingham Lewis
Eugene Lipkowitz
Jim Low
Keith Lowe
Larry Lyons
Charles Maier
Henry Marcy
Bill Markus
Ted Marmor
Ken Marshall
Harvey Mazer
Jean Tyback McCarroll
Elisabeth McSherry
Peter Mebel
Richard Millett
Hank Morgan
David Mote

Joe Murphy
Mary Gene Myer
Marty Nemirow

Michael Nieland
Joan Peters O'Connor
Tom Oleson
Peter Papesch
Alan Percy
Betsy Peterson
Gary Pildner
Judith Plotz
Steve Popell
Jan Pritchard H'60 (Doug's widow)
Don Quinn
Stephen Raffel
Keith Raney
Boyd Ratchye
Ala Reid
Jack Reardon
John Reiff
David Ries


David Rigney
Ken Robinson
Will Rogers
Bill Rose
Richard Rosen
Bruce Rosenberg
Jayn Rosenfeld
Joel Rubenstein
Robert Sakowitz
Richard Saval
Maureen Scalia
David Scott
Jack Scullin
Marty Sher
John Shewmaker
Jane Simon
Peter Solomon
Lionel Spiro
Charles Staley
John Stotler
John Strand
John S. Sturges
Ed Sutton
Barbara Talamo ?
Ed Tarlov
Matilda "Mitty" Cole Ticknor
Sigrid Lemlein Tishler
Stephanie Trimble
Julie Skinner Vargas
Liia Vilms
Fred Vinton
John von Stade
Henry Wadzinski
Chauncey Walker
Wes Walton
Leslie Warshaw
George Waterman
France Trumbull Webb
Steve Weddle
Liz Werthan
Bob Wilson ?
David Wizansky
Nick Wolf
Michael Yesley
Penelope Yungblut
John Zeigler
Mike Zuromskis