Harvard Class of 1960: Need for Replenishment of Class Treasury

DONATORS (2021-2022)

Abbe, Robert 
Abbot, William
Abrams, Stefan
Adams, John
Adams, Robert
Alberts, Bruce
Allison, Richard
Andrews, Horace
Berman, Merrill
Bernstein, James
Bertone, Tom
Bradbury, Miles
Brooten, Gary
Brown, Stanley
Buttenwieser, Paul
Chen, Peter
Clark, Jeff
Cunningham, Bill
David, Bob
Deitch, Ken
Dunbar, Bart
Farina, Robert
Fisher, Robert
Fishman, Ken
Foltz, Bob
Gingold, George
Goodman, Ron


Gordon, Bob
Greene, David

Greene, Richard
Haddad, Richard
Hallowell, Bob
Hanson, Kirby
Heifetz, Gary
Heineman, Mel
 Johnson, Reverdy
Joslin, Philip
Kennedy, Davis
Kirk, Paul
 Kirsch, John
Leland, Tim
Levine, James
Lieberman, Burton
Lindzen, Richard
Maier, Charles
Marshall, Kenneth
McVaugh, Michael
 Moehlman, Michael
Murphy, Joe
Murphy, Paul
Papesch, Peter 
Percy, Alan
Phifer, Ken


Pollard, Alan
Ratchye, Boyd
Rinzler, Alan 
Riskin, Carl
Robbins, Lee
 Rubin, Robert
 Sachar, David 
Scott, David
Segal, Richard
Simon, Ronald
Sinkler, Wharton
 Smith, Morgan
Solomon, Peter
Spier, Alan
Spiro, Lionel
Sturges, Jon
Toder, Charles
Toth, Imre
Vinton, Alfred
Walker, Chauncey
Walton, Wes
Warren, Robert
Weddle, Stephen
Wilmerding, John
Wilson, John
 Winslow, Henry


Dear Harvard Class of 1960 Classmates,

The time has come to replenish our Class Treasury!

Here is the situation:

  • Net expenditure over the past 7 years = ~ $2,000 per year!

  • Our Treasury has been reduced from over $23,000 to under $10,000! Details are available on our website under “H’60 Treasurer’s Reports” under “Class Business”.

  • We have not requested dues or donations for years, and if this request for support is successful, it could be our last. Our hope is that many will respond in amounts from $5.00 to a maximum of $150.00.

  • Anticipated is a continuing annual net expenditure of at least $2,000! Anticipated expenditures include maintenance of our website, support of our annual Class luncheons (hope we can renew these in spades, post-pandemic, soon), support of Crimson Society events (non-quinquennial reunions -- See, --), preparation for our 65th Reunion, etc.


*Remember, contributions made payable to the “Harvard Class of 1960” are tax deductible. Please send your gift to our Class Treasurer, Lionel Spiro @ 21 Old Pocha Road, Edgartown, MA 02539-4306.