Harvard and Radcliffe Classes of 1960
Lost and Missing Classmates as of 6/25/2023


This is a list of the people in the Classes of 1960 for whom the University has no valid address. If you have any idea -- or even the slightest clue -- as to the whereabouts -- postal or email address, etc. -- of any of these individuals, please contact:

Harvard’s Office of Alumni and Development Services; 124 Mount Auburn Street; Cambridge, MA 02138 (617-495-2371; ads@harvard.edu) and
Henry Marcy, 4 Summit Drive #508; Reading, MA 01867; hjmarcy@comcast.net; 781-439-4007 or
Jane Simon, jcsimon@post.harvard.edu; simonjanec60@gmail.com.

H = 20; R = 7

Jacob M. Baker
Susan Joyce Baker (see Eliot)
David W. Brennan
Peter H. Brown
Frederick M. Clayton
Francis J. Culhane
Claude P. Y. Diepart
Deborah W. Dorsey
Margaret H. Dubois
Elizabeth A. Eliot (formerly Susan Joyce Baker)
Carl A. Framke III
Carol Ann Friedell Baird
Arthur R. Gale
Julio Gomez


Jerome Horowitz
Tredinnick M. Johns
Jonathan Knowles
H. Jay Knox
Nancy Shelton McClure
Janet Lily Oberg
Linda Winthrop Purdy
Stevan S. Roseman
Eric S. Schurmann
Muhammad R. Shah
Ronald T. Speers Jr.
Angel T. Stella
Kenneth J. Tank
Wanjohi L. Waciuma