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 John Zeugner announces publication or two literary works.

September 9, 2013

News of Richard (Dick) Mallinson's condition following his serious accident.


Dev Barker announces publication his book Gretel II Disqualified: The untold inside story of a famous America's Cup incident.


Richard Millett '60 writes: My daughter, Paatricia Millett (Harvard Law School '88) was nominated by President Obama for the DC District Appeals Court in a Rose Garden ceremony on June 4, 2013


Joseph Love announces publication a new book The Revolt of the Whip.


John Maher announces publication of his memoirs Learning from the Sixties.


Roger Folts announces the publication of his wife Barbara K. Folts first published book Hidden Treasures


Larry Lyons with news... 

Paul Buttenwieser has been awarded the Harvard Alumni Association's 2010 Harvard Medal.

John Bassett reports he has launched a website for his glass art; www.basglas.com.

Peter Papesch has posted photos of the Class Luncheon held at Winthrop House.

Robert Darnton was recently honored at the 2009 Boston Public Library's Literary Lights fund raising dinner at Boston's Park Plaza Hotel.

Peter Papesch link to photos from his and Gail's February 2009 trip to Antartica.

David Wilkinson with news about his Astra von Berlifitzing, a dazzlingly macabre waltz-ballet based on the tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Charles Maier is featured in the January-February 2009 issue of Harvard Magazine in an article, Educating Students for Life

Stanley Brown with news...

Fred Safier proudly announces the birth of his second grandchild, Matthew Scott Twibell'29, on September 24, 2008, to Gabrielle Safier Twibell and Jeffrey Scott Twibell. Matthew joins Kaitlyn Brianna Twibell'26, age 3. Also, Fred's Precalculus (Schaum Outline Series) just went into its second edition.

Henry Francis with colleague John Clark announce a new CD, "Two for Tea".

The Boston Globe article raves about Brett Donham's stunning new chapel in Newton.

Bartle Bull's latest adventure novel China Star

Henry Francis announces his second CD by The Swing Legacy.

Tim and Julie Leland report on their volunteer work in Sri Lanka and an archeological dig in northeast Thailand -- as recorded in the Boston Sunday Globe.

Robert C.S.. Downs won the Professor Emeritus Award of Distinction for 2005 from Penn State University.

Blair F. Bigelow writes, "My dear wife of 40 years, Addie Rose, died in 2001. Two years ago I met Meredith Jones in January, we bought a house in Pelham, Mass., and moved in together. Pelham is a small town between Amherst and the Quabbin Reservoir; there are occasional moose/car collisions, and bears pull down bird feeders. My e-mail address is blairf.bigelow@comcast.net".

Bill Pierce, Ph.D., is the Libertarian candidate for governor of Ohio. Pierce taught in the economics department of Case Western Reserve University for more than 35 years and was named professor emeritus in 2002. He has published books on bureaucratic failure, energy economics, and technological change.

Peter Papesch and Gail Patt Marry! Their Wedding Album

Rupert Hitzig: A New Gig

Harvard Magazine salutes Superfan Bill Markus!

Ron Goodman reports that he, Sam Halaby, and Jules Levine, J.D. '64, have followed the lead of Dick Seder, M.D. '65, M.P.H. '66, by joining him and other American Arabs and Jews to found the American Diaspora Alliance for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, whose goal is to encourage U.S. policymakers to take an active role to ensure a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. The four were earlier introduced by Peter Papesch, G '61, M.Arch. '63, to the Conflict Management Group, in Cambridge, where L. Michael Hager, LL.B. '63, M.P.A. '69, is executive director.

Harvard Magazine: Nov./Dec. 2003

Kenneth C. Leonard has written The Beechwoods Confederacy, 1709-1809: The Colonial History of Beechwoods, Middleboro-Taunton Precinct, Massachusetts, which explores why this geographical area retains so much of its nineteenth-century look. See www.heritagebooks.com or www.willowbendbooks.com.

Harvard Magazine: Nov./Dec. 2003

Charles Maier, Ph.D. '67, Harvard's inaugural Saltonstall professor of history, has been on leave since July 2002 as the recipient of an Alexander von Humboldt Research Prize and a Weatherhead Center Faculty Fellowship.

Harvard Magazine: Nov./Dec. 2003

Paul Silverstein, M.D., received the Harvey Stuart Allen Distinguished Service Award of the American Burn Association at its national meeting in Miami last April 2. The award recognized his dedication and achievements in the treatment of burn victims and his research in the fields of enzymatic debridement, control of hypertrophic scars, and burn prevention education. The Burn Center he founded at the Integris Baptist Medical Center of Oklahoma was previously named in his honor at ceremonies in June 2000. He practices plastic and reconstructive surgery in Oklahoma City.

Harvard Magazine: Nov./Dec. 2003

Chester J. Boulris writes, "The passing of Mike Donohue, after heart surgery, has left a huge void in the lives of all who knew him. The senior vice president at Lehman Bros. was 'gung-ho' on Harvard ahletics, it didn't matter which sport. The '60 basketball captain, Donohue played with an infectious enthusiasm. We will remember him as a loyal Harvard man, roommate, teammate, and friend."

Harvard Magazine: Sept./Oct. 2003

Vincent Crapanzano, fellow of the American Academy in Berlin, has completed Imaginative Horizons: An Essay in Literary-Philosophical Anthropology, forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press.

Harvard Magazine: Sept./Oct. 2003

On November 12th Daniel A. Phillips was awarded the French Legion of Honor by the French Government with the rank of Chevalier.

January 2003

Bert Kneeland writes: Since my last correspondence in 1999, I have been working on a small project . . . changing, or at least offering a new VERITAS logo for Harvard rings. You can view them at www.veritasring.com. All the other stuff is normalfor people our age: recent grandparent, after my Mom died had to defend her Estate and my reputation from an evil, unfounded lawsuit brought by my siblings (Sorry, forgot to mention that once the lawsuit was brought, I became an only child) . . . by the way, I won!!!

April 2003

Keith Lowe is awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal in Canada.

January 2003

Will Fitzhugh writes about his involvement with The Concord Review and the National Writing Board.

July 2002

Robert L. Bogomolny, LL.B. '63, former corporate senior vice president and general counsel of G.D. Searle and Co. and former dean and professor of law at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University, has been named president of the University of Baltimore. He takes office on August 1.

Harvard Magazine: May-June, 2002

February 2002

Marcia sends news of Sam Edwards. "We have no children at home, no dogs and I retired from teaching in June so we hope to head for the mountains frequently. As Sam says, 'Fish live in beautiful places!'"


My name is Jomo Tekena Ekpebu and I'd like to bring your attention to a slight error on your otherwise excellent site. My father, Dr. Lawrence B. Ekpebu earned a Bachelors degree in Political Science in 1960; and a PhD, also in Political Science, in 1965. On your site is a list of the Class of 1960 and and on it was denoted some of these alumni who have passed away. I was surprised to see your list noting that my father is deceased. On the contrary; Dr. Ekpebu retired as a Senior Lecturer of Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 1999 after a distinguished 25-year career at the university. He is very much alive and well! and attacking life at 66 with the same vigour that he did while a student at Harvard. Please correct the error, when you are able to. I thank you very much for addressing the issue.

Sincerely Yours,

Jomo Tekena Ekpebu
BBA University of Miami '93


What very happy news!

October 2001

Frank Beer writes:

Herewith a picture of my younger son, Jeremy, and me on a ski birthday party last year. He is currently a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan.

I have a new book on Meanings of War and Peace. It's about the way that language helps reflect and construct meanings of international violence. As Yogi Berra might have said, "when you talk about war and peace, you should watch your language." It seems to me that it's quite relevant to the current "war on terrorism" and how we try to make sense of it.

Otherwise things are fine. My older son, Omar, is a lawyer in San Francisco. My daughter, Marie, is still working on her career as a popular singer. And Diana, my wonderful wife of 36 years, keeps urging me to retire and travel the world.

October 2001

Michael Hager writes:

After 21 years abroad (18 of them in Rome), my wife and I returned to the US this year. In fact, we're back in Cambridge, only steps away from the Harvard Yard. Having stepped down as Director General of the International Development Law Institute, an international organization I co-founded in 1982, I am now Executive Director of Conflict Mangement Group, a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by Harvard Law School Professor Roger Fisher. We are trying to pitch CMG's peace building tools to a higher level (e.g. at UN Agencies, OSCE, the World Bank and national development organizations) in order to achieve a wider audience and greater impact.

In the process I have discovered to my sadness that it is easier to raise money for lawyers in development than for peace building and conflict resolution. After the September 11 tragedy, it is more important than ever that we spread conflict management skills across the globe. If classmates can help me find interested contributors to our work, I would be most grateful.

Harvard Magazine: October 2001

Re. John O. Fox: In his new book, If Americans Really Understood the Income Tax (Westview Press), Washington, D.C., tax attorney John O. Fox explains how the tax functions and offers reforms that would "reflect far better the shared principles of both conservatives and liberals." He developed the book--written for regular folks, not just other tax attorneys--in conjunction with a course that he teaches at Mount Holyoke, "Taxation and the Values of Democracy." Although he is the recipient of enthusiastic support from his wife, Gretchen, he notes that this "should not be miscontrued to mean that she favors my writing another book."

July 2001

JIM SNEED is proud to report the birth of his second grandson and second grandchild, BENJAMIN ADAMS SPARKS, who was born in Norman, Ok on Thursday, May 24, 2001.

Ben was an 8 1/2 pounder taking after his father, JOHN HUNT SPARKS, Harvard '91 who wore #75 on Harvard's football teams and was an All Ivy League lineman in 1990. Ben's mother is Elizabeth Jane Sneed Sparks who is Jane and Jim Sneed's daughter. Beth and John Sparks are both graduates of the University of Oklahoma College of Law and are lawyers in Norman, OK.

July 2001

Lou Geoffrion sends news of his wife Jan's achievment.

July 2001

Peter Papesch reports on his Zakim Bridge photography project.

Harvard Magazine- March/April 2001

A Kirkus review calls Robert C. S. Downs's sixth novel, The Fifth Season (Penn State), "a small gem that details the poignant realities of old age."

Harvard Magazine- March/April 2001

The second edition of The Politics of Medicare, by Theodore R. Marmor, Ph.D. '66, has been published by Aldine De Gruyter.

May 9, 2001: Tom Oleson writes:

Tom Oleson and his wife Kathleen have decided to retire and to move to warmer climes. A lifetime resident of New England, Tom is moving to Pinehurst North Carolina in June. His new address will be 1600 Morganton Road, W-1 Pinehurst, NC 28374. His new phone number will be 910-692-8064.

Tom and Kathleen will spend several weeks at their ranch in North Dakota in early July.

In spite of the move, Tom will remain active in business and Harvard affairs. He and Kathleen will travel with the Harvard Alumni Glee Club to Japan in October and November.

Tom hopes to remain active in Class affairs. Tom was co-chair of the 40th Reunion last October.

Tom will continue to consult for IDC and speak at major events on IDC's behalf.


Bart Dunbar and his wife Lisa Saltonstall Lewis continue to astonish by reporting the birth of twin boys, Peter Brooks and Nathaniel Bartlett on November 16th. Margaret Lynn Lewis Dunbar continues to bring full measures of joy to their household. However Miss Dunbar must relinquish the honor of being the youngest class offspring to her siblings.

Dec. 2000

James L. Sneed, a Tulsa tax lawyer, received the Oklahoma Bar Association's Maurice Merrill Golden Quill Award for the outstanding scholarly article published in 2000. Jim was the co-author with Teresa Meinders Burkett , also a Tulsa lawyer, of an article on conservation easements. Both of the authors are active in the Oklahoma chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

Harvard Magazine: Nov/Dec 2000

David Park was expecting "to retire from the U.S. Foreign Service at the end of November, after some 20 years with the U.S. government. I plan to study Italian and travel in Italy (native land for my wife of 35 wonderful years), enjoy my grandchildren, and surf the Internet. Beyond that I shall apply the advice I've given my children: Figure out something that I enjoy, that I'm good at, that's legal, that someone is willing to pay me to do."

Harvard Magazine: Nov/Dec 2000

Alan Rinzler has retired as director of a program for victims of crime in Oakland, Cal., which he founded in 1992. He continues as executive editor of Jossey-Bass publishers, a division of John Wiley and Sons in San Francisco. His daughter Lara is in her second year at the Rhode Island School of Design, and son Daniel is a sophomore at Exeter. He has three older sons as well, and three granddaughters.

Oct. 2000: Jim Flug writes:


National Narrowcast Network, L.P., the live audio service founded in 1991 by Jim Flug, '60, LL.B. '63, and his wife Carla as Hearings-On-The-Line(R), was reincarnated this summer as www.Hearings.com. Each business day the site's users can access a wide menu of live and archived gavel-to-gavel audio of Congressional Committee and Federal Agency proceedings on the web. Subscribers to the Wall Street Journal's interactive edition, wsj.com, are also offered direct daily links from wsj.com stories to selected Hearings.com audio events. (For details, see http://www .hearings.com/client/hearing.asp?HID=414&ID=1.)

(For old geezers without soundcards, most Hearings.com events are also still available by telephone.)

This year's Harvard Arts Medal will be conferred on John H. Harbison '60, Jf '68, on May 6, during the annual Arts First festival. A prolific composer, Harbison has been a member of the MIT faculty since 1968. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1987, and most recently wrote the score and libretto for the opera the Great Gatsby, which premiered in New York City in January.

Harvard Magazine: May/June, 2000

Eldon Eisenach sends along notice of his new book, The Next Religious Establishment: National Identity and Political Theology in Post-Protestant America.

Jose Buscaglia shares information about his distinguished career as a world-renowned sculptor.

Feb. 9, 2000

Robert C.S. Downs has just published his sixth novel, THE FIFTH SEASON, from Counterpoint Press (Perseus Books Group). Kirkus Review said it was, "a small gem that details the poignant realities of old age as a 60-year-old son, trying to help his ailing parents, confronts old tensions and mortality--his and theirs. A seamless mix of clear-eyed reporting and heartbreaking emotion."

Harvard Magazine- Jan./Feb. 2000

Louis Geoffrion, manager of quality assurance at Raytheon, has been named New England regional director of the American Society for Quality.

Harvard Magazine- Jan./Feb. 2000

Morgan Smith retired as director of the Colorado International Trade Office in January 1999; since then he and his wife, Julie, have been living in Barcelona. Since retiring, Smith also attended the senior world hockey tournament in Santa Rosa, CA. He skated on the Denver Centennial Stars team of 60-year-olds and ran into George MacDonald '46, who skated with the "Millennium 75s". Email: msmith@abaforum.es.

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