Harvard Class of 1960 Luncheon: Pforzheimer House
February 16, 2017


Six (6) Harvard'60 classmates attended the luncheon at Pforzheimer House at Harvard on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Those classmates in attendance were Bob Adams, Hank Keohane, Henry Marcy, Peter Papesch, Jerry Rogoff and Richard Saval.

Note: the February 16 date was the snow postponement date for the luncheon originally scheduled for February 9. You might conjecture that postponing the luncheon, rather than cancelling the luncheon altogether, based on the attendance, was a mistake. However, we did have a very nice time talking amongst ourselves and, also, spending about an hour with a very pleasant and informative student from Pforzheimer, senior Jeremy Dietrich. Our discussion with Jeremy explored issues such as "political correctness" (e.g. safe spaces and trigger warnings) at Harvard today; student protests aimed at preventing invited speakers (for example, Martin Shkreli, former drug company CEO) from expressing their controversial views (not to mention the vilification of those interested in hearing such speakers); the extreme preponderance of "liberal" amongst the faculty at Harvard and other institutions of higher education; and competition/collaboration amongst today's Harvard students.


 Peter Papesch photos