Seasons 52, Burlington, Ma
December 7, 2017


Always looking for new venues, for the first time in our long, forty-eight-year history of Class luncheons (and other events), we convened at Seasons 52 in Burlington, MA on Thursday, December 7, 2017. We were not disappointed!

Flatbreads of three varieties, as appetizers, combined tastefully with wines – Vinho Verde, Portugal ’16, tempranillo; Anna’s Vineyard, Slovenia ’15, merlot; Markham, Napa ’16, chardonnay; and Santa Cantabria, Crianza ‘12/’13, Rioja -- especially selected by Henry Marcy (who had recently drunk much wine in Portugal and Spain … and in Slovenia) for the occasion. The choice of entrée was between an all-natural roasted half chicken with sides of a seasonal sauté of vegetables and Yukon mashed potatoes and a Maui tuna crunch salad. Portions were large!

We fit snugly, but with enough room, around a hollow rectangular table in the attractive Sonoma Room. Our tradition of affording each classmate an opportunity to tell the rest of us of important developments in their life proceeded reasonably expeditiously – and quite interestingly – aided by a wireless microphone.

Twenty-four (24) Harvard ’60 classmates attended the luncheon: David Beizer (FIRST TIMER!), Bob Bray, Ed Cutter, Ken Deitch, Ron Goodman, Andy Harris, John Hedreen, Gerry Levenson, Fred Leventhal, Dick Lindzen, Jim Lowe, Henry Marcy, Ken Marshall, Joe Moscatelli, Joe Murphy, Peter Papesch, Don Quinn, Larry Rappaport, Will Rogers, Lionel Spiro, Henry Wadzinski, Steve Weddle, John Wilson and David Wizansky.

Our next luncheon, on March 22, 2018, will also be at a venue, the Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham, MA, to which we have not been heretofore. We hope to see you there! Also, don’t forget our gathering with significant others and our Radcliffe Class of 1960 classmates (and their significant others) at THE Country Club in Brookline, MA, on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.


 Peter Papesch photos