Darrell McRae Lowe

Darrell Lowe died on September 19, 2003. Dale Jenkins reports that he and Darrell both lived in Weld North during our freshman year and that, when Dale’s father died that year, Darrell was very thoughtful and kind to him (as were other classmates in Weld North). Dale states: “Darrell came from Minnesota, a hockey fan who practiced his slap shot on the fourth-floor hallway. For whatever reason, Darrell decided that Harvard was not the place for him and he withdrew after freshman year and went back to Minnesota. He never gave me any indication of his unhappiness and I was surprised to learn of his departure. As I recall his roommates were Frank Carbone and Dick Rosen. I lost contact and never knew what he did after that time. A nice guy; I’m sad to hear of his passing.”