Arthur Lavery Gillette


paul-dratchArthur Lavery Gillette H'60mcl died May 26, 2016, in France.

He was born in New York and prepared at the Putney School in Vermont. He was affiliated with Lowell House and graduated magna cum laude majoring in French and Spanish in 1961 (stayed in Paris for a year after junior year abroad). He received an ED.D. (comparative education) from the Center for International Education at UMass Amherst in 1976.

He retired in 1998 as director of youth and sports activities at UNESCO, where he worked for more than 25 years. He came to UNESCO as a program specialist in the youth division and later became a senior program specialist in the literacy division and in cultural heritage, also serving as editor in chief of Museum International magazine.

A journalist, he wrote for many periodicals, including The Economist, the Christian Science Monitor and Le Quotidien de Paris. He also published two volumes of poetry and several books, including One Million Volunteers: The Story of Youth Service.

After retiring from UNESCO he created a series of entertaining Paris tours. He was a gifted linguist and a skilled sailor with two transatlantic crossings under his belt. He leaves a daughter, Elise, and a son, Arthur.


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