Pre-Reunion Lunch at Plimouth Plantation 


Fifty-six (56) Harvard & Radcliffe Classes of 1960 classmates and their significant others attended a pre-55th reunion event at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Friday, June 20, 2014.

Five of the attendees were "first timers" -- that is, other than formal reunions, they had not attended a Class event since at least October 16, 1992, as far back as our detailed records go. Harvard '60 classmates are now in their forty-fifth (45th) year -- that is, since 1970 -- of having five or six Harvard Boston Area Class events (primarily luncheons) each year.

Our significant others, our Radcliffe classmates and their significant others have joined us once or twice each year over the past dozen years. Harvard '60 classmate Donald Paul Quinn of Plymouth and a member of the Museum's Council initiated this wonderful occasion. Featured was the performance of Richard Pickering, currently Deputy Executive Director of Plimoth Plantation and still an occasional 17th century English colonist role-player (an enjoyment of his since he first came to Plimoth Plantation in 1984).

Before our eyes, he changed from Richard Pickering to colonist Richard Warren, in the process changing into an impressively authentic (and expensive) costume and regaling us with some of the history of Plymouth Colony. Richard then gave many of us a scintillating tour of the 17th century village on an absolutely gorgeous day.

We also enjoyed the lunch beforehand consisting of a 1627 Harvest Feast of authentic pre-1628 recipes, introduced by a food historian and including mussels seethed with parsley and beer; fabulous 17th century cheese cake (not a dessert in 1627); a dish of cabbage, leeks and onions; a chine of pork roasted; a dish of turkey sauced (sliced turkey with an onion sauce); cheete bread; a charger of cheese and fruit; and ciderkin.

Plimoth Plantation Photos