February 4, 2016

The Serendipity of the Harvard Class of 1960 luncheons, now in their forty-sixth (!) year, was recently suddenly in evidence once again! Don Quinn, our host for a very enjoyable June (2014) day at Plimoth Plantation, offered to the revelers at our February 4, 2016 gathering at Embassy Suites in Waltham the possibility of a reprise focused on the Mayflower II which is being spruced up (a $7 million project) in preparation for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Settlers embarking from the Mayflower at Plimoth. Immediately, Will Rogers interjected that he had met, on a visit to Italy, a woman -- a Marchesa -- whose family was the builder/owner of the Mayflower I and who had all the original early 17th century papers. Well, you can imagine Don's excitement. Don and the Marchesa, with Will's assistance, will be in touch. In addition to Don and Will, those in attendance included Bob Adams, Jerry Amero, Hank Keohane, David Kopelman, Gerry Levenson, Richard Lindzen, Henry Marcy, Bill Markus, Tare Newbury, Peter Papesch, Larry Rappaport, Paul Rothwell, Ed Tarlov and David Wizansky.


 Peter Papesch photos