It was a dark and stormy day, a rule-breaking day. It never rains on Harvard Commencement, except when Mark Zuckerberg speaks.

The plucky group of alums from the classes of 1959, 1960 and 1961, dressed for a trans-Atlantic race, gathered at the Cambridge Boat club about 5:00 P.M. (May 25, 2017) for collations and a catered dinner.

There were about 60 in total; 28 from the distinguished class of 1960. The Boat Club is a wonderful venue, spacious and unique. We could not enjoy the porch on the river that evening, but we nonetheless enjoyed the view and chatting up friends, new and old.

Partygoers were surprised just how many of upper and lower classmates they actually knew those many years ago.

Friendships were renewed and started. We thank Bob Adams, Greg Downes and Fritz Donovan for the planning and for getting their classmates out in the storm. 



 Guest Name

Francis Donovan 1959
Elizabeth Gombosi
John Grew 1959
Robert Hurlbut 1959
Ann Hurlbut
Paul Kelley 1959
Susan Kaup Kelley '63
Roselyn Kolodny 1959
Edwin Kolodny
Arthur Papas 1959
Yina Papas
Georges Peter 1959
Carolyn Peter
Karl Stecher 1959
Donald Tingle 1959
Sharon Gordetsky
Edgar Walsh 1959
Linda Walsh
Robert Adams 1960
Pam Adams
Cyrus Brown 1960
Ruth Cook
Pericles Caminis 1960
Diane Caminis
Kenneth Deitch 1960
JoAnne Deitch
Herbert Dorris 1960
Eugene Lipkowitz 1960
William Markus 1960
Carole Markus
Hank Morgan 1960
Karen Morgan
Donald Quinn 1960
Judy Quinn
David Ries 1960
Jane Otte (and ?)
Philip Robertson 1960
Anne Robertson
Richard Rosen 1960
Marguerite Piret
Barbara Talamo 1960
John Kauer
Edward Tarlov 1960
Henry Wadzinski 1960
Pauline Wadzinski
Stephen Weddle 1960
Nicholas Wolf 1960
John Berendt 1961
David Bisno 1961
Fay Bisno
Tom Blodgett 1961
Gregory Downes 1961
Sandy Downes
Joan Hutchins 1961
William Kargman 1961
Andy Kotsatos 1961
Heather Parsons
Mark Mirsky 1961
Sally Muspratt 1961
John Reidy 1961
Guy Ule 1961
Mary Anne Whelan 1961